This blog is for people who like -or would like to- run for exercise, finish a race, who are curious about life as a runner. An average runner.

I’ve been running for about 11 years, for fun, and I have run many different races that I would love to share with you. From 5k races to marathons, multiple day challenges, to trail races and relays.

I suffer from everything that the average runner suffers from: one day I love running, the next day it bores me, one day I love long runs, the next day I don’t understand why I signed up for that marathon next month, and I actually think about becoming a yogi or a cross-fitter, I get injured… but here I am, and I want to share my stories and experiences with you.

I believe that everyone can make exercising a habit, and I know that getting there requires making exercising a priority. Being constant is key. Even if you are pregnant, lactating, super busy with work, tired, etc, you too can make a little room for exercise. It is not only beneficial, but also necessary for your body, mind, and soul. Cliché? You might think so. But, I have been everything I described above, and trust me, you won’t be THAT tired or THAT busy when you make time for that 30-min run.

But you have to quit the excuses. Period.


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