Pregnancy workout (week 5)

During this pregnancy I’ll try to share suggested workouts for each week of the pregnancy. How you enjoy them! You can also follow us on Instagram @preggoonthego:


This is a great workout for any stage of pregnancy. Walking and swimming can be done by anyone -no experience required. But if you’re a first timer, build up from 20 minutes of walking/swimming and don’t pay attention to distance.

Feel free to include an extra day of cardio and an extra day of strength or Yoga. Remember that pregnant women should restrain from inversions when doing Yoga. If you’re planning on taking regular Yoga classes, make sure you tell the instructor you’re pregnant so that he/she can indicate which pose will work or not for you.

If you’re a runner, and cleared by your practitioner, go ahead and run during those walking days. Remember to always be able to speak in full sentences.

Final note, HYDRATE! Before, during, and after.